What is Division 52’s Mission?

The Division of International Psychology represents psychologists who are interested in promoting greater global awareness throughout the discipline.

The Division encourages cross-national communication through its newsletter, International Psychology Bulletin (IPB), its journal, International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Consultation, Practice, as well as its website (www.div52.netnet), listservs, and social media.

The Division encourages international engagement through its programs and initiatives, professional meetings, conference sponsorship, student and ECP programs, and collaboration with APA’s Office of International Affairs.

The Division honors and supports international engagement and activities through its awards and convention programming, and a range of activities including initiatives on human rights, international ethics, immigration, women in developing countries, internationalizing the psychology curriculum, cross-cultural research, assessment and counseling, global trauma and disaster, collaboration with international organizations, and student and early career advancement.

Division 52’s Structure

APA Division 52 Organizational Chart 2020

APA Division Bylaws (approved 2018, amended 2021)

Division 52 Publications:


What Does Division 52 do?

The Division of International Psychology ( Division 52) represents the interest of all psychologists who foster international connections among psychologists, engage in multicultural research or practice, apply psychological principles to the development of public policy, or are otherwise concerned with individual and group consequences of global events.

To encourage the development of a more international perspective in psychology, Division 52:


  • Sponsors programming at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association to stimulate interest in and share information about international psychology;
  • Provides networking opportunities for psychologists from around the world through the division’s newsletter the International Psychology Bulletin, convention programming, and other activities;
  • Supports the activities of APA’s International Affairs Office and its Committee on International Relations in Psychology (CIRP);
  • Provides a welcoming “home base” for APA’s international affiliates during conventions;
  • Promotes the development of international consulting, training, and research opportunities for psychologists with US based international agencies and exchange programs with international agencies based elsewhere; and
  • Encourages the internationalization of the psychology curriculum through educational initiatives and resources.

Presidents of APA DIvision 52

History of Division 52 (1997-2007)