Statement on Psychology and a Population Mental Health Framework

A population health framework for psychology’s approaches to mental healthContinue Reading

Division 52 and Covid

Division 52 stands in solidarity with other organizations.Continue Reading

Psychologists as Catalysts and Collaborators for Renewal and Transformation in Education

Psychologists have the knowledge and skills to deal with multiple global challenges, research problems and solutions, protect human rights and dignity, and meet the social, emotional, and learning needs of school communities.Continue Reading

Advocating for and Assisting Refugees from Afghanistan: Suggestions for Psychologists

Psychologists should be aware of the trauma associated with events in Afghanistan.Continue Reading

Division 52 Statement on the killing of Blacks in the United States 2020

Div 52 promotes cultural, educational, and service delivery norms, policies, and structures that will lead to honoring, respecting, and protecting the lives of all Black individuals living in the USA.Continue Reading