Introduction – APA Division 52 COVID-19 Taskforce

Lawrence Gerstein & Falu Rami

In April, 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Division 52 formed a taskforce.

The mission of this taskforce is to identify and compile resources and knowledge regarding the psychological impact of COVID-19 and potential future pandemics including ways to cope and mitigate the psychological consequences.

This content will be disseminated to psychologists, interdisciplinary providers and disciplines, organizations, universities, and key stakeholders. The taskforce also will identify systemic policies, inequities, disparities, and structures that impact the current pandemic and gaps in systems that can be addressed through advocacy and other action-oriented strategies.

Further, the taskforce will accumulate mental health initiatives and map services in relation to COVID-19 and possible future pandemics in the United States and worldwide to determine best practices and areas for improvement.

Task Force Sub-Groups and Co-Chairs

Service Delivery: Now and Future – LINK TO PAGE
Co-Chairs: Lemny Perez &  Priya Ratty

Legal Issues and Advocacy – LINK TO PAGE
Co-Chairs: Karen Brown & Falu Rami

Training and Education LINK TO PAGE
Co-Chairs: Joyce Green & Deborah Stiles

Co-Chairs: Giuseppina Marsico & Luca Tateo

If you would like to join a subgroup, please contact one of the appropriate Co-Chairs.