Introduction – APA Division 52 COVID-19 Taskforce, Subgroup Research

Co-chairs: Luca Tateo and Pina Marsico

The Subgroup Research members, Division 52 COVID-19 Taskforce, will focus on current research across the world related to the psychological, clinical and psychosocial issues emerging from the pandemic crisis. The extended consequences of the pandemic have brought to the fore several themes that international psychology will deal with in the future, when global crises will be likely to occur. Phenomena of social distancing, distress, difficult access to education and information, social exclusion, quarantine do for instance affect people in different ways, revealing the existing inequalities in terms of race, income, nationality and welfare. Theoretical approaches and intervention models, that do not account for the psychodiversity, the different cultural contexts and the social justice, risk to be ineffective.
The subgroup thus plans to produce and share resources for both researchers and practitioners (e.g., monitoring innovative or extensive international research projects and online qualified knowledge sources) via various media outlets. The subgroup will collect experiences and knowledge bases from the different areas of the Planet, including calls, fundings, databases and open access materials, and will organize activities (e.g. webinars, online discussions, symposia with international researchers) for both APA members and the whole international psychological community. The subgroup will continue its work beyond 2020, in coordination with the Div 52 task force and the other APA divisions.


Subgroup Members

Aldo Barrita
Regina Fernandez
Richa Khanna
Greg Kim-Ju
Mutsa Majero
Pina Marsico
Falu Rami
Joyce Yip Green
Debbie Stiles
Luca Tateo
Kimberly Wilson
Martha Zlokovich



The Pandemic seminars series

Ongoing research projects

Current APA journals COVID-19-related call for papers