Division 52 Seeks to Form a Web Committee
Volunteers are invited to join the Division 52 Web Committee to oversee the Division website.

Division 52 maintains a volunteer-run website that contains organizational information about the Division (bylaws, structure, committee lists, activity and publications archives), activities (committee activities; webinars; meetings; convention activities) and links to current news and publications. It is the public face of the Division. It is also a vehicle for attracting potential members to the Division and for engaging current members.

The website is published using WordPress. It is designed so that Division groups (committees, activities) can create, edit and moderate their own content with minimal training. Groups are encouraged to engage in WordPress training to enable them to maintain their sections of the web. Otherwise, the site is maintained by the Webinar Committee Chair (webmaster).

Until now the Division web has been structured and maintained primarily by a single Webmaster. The intent is to expand this role to a Web Committee. The purview of this committee will be to regularly review and update the website, including assuring that it optimizes current “best practices” in making the content visible to search engines, accessible to users, and visually engaging.

Tasks of the Committee: Committee members should be able to (or willing to learn to) review, edit, modify, and add content and structure to the site. Committee members should also be willing to take responsibility for some portions of the site. As a whole, the committee will develop style standards and will maintain an active training program for Division Committee Chairs and other Leaders (or their designees) to maintain relevant sections of the site (e.g., student pages; ECP pages; Webinar pages; Convention pages).

Interested individuals should email Dr. Merry Bullock (MerryBullock@mac.com) no later than June 11 indicating their interest in joining the Web committee, their experience related to web design and management, and their vision for the future of the Division’s site.

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