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ECP Committee Chair: Maria Cristina Cruza-Guet
ECP Committee Chair-Elect: Juan Antonio Valdivia

ECP Committee Chair: Maria Cristina Cruza-Guet
ECP Committee Chair-Elect: Juan Antonio Valdivia

ECPCommittee Members

  • The Marketing Subcomittee
    • Chair: Dara Zafra
    • Co-Chair: Please contqact Kate (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if interested in this role!

  • Publications Subcommittee
    • Chair: Zori Kalibatseva
    • Co-Chair: Snezana Stupar-Rutenfrans
    • Student: Milse Furtado
  • Engagement and Hospitality Subcommittee
    • Co-Chair: Lora Erickson
    • Co-Chair: Falu Rami
  • Convention Subcommittee
    • Chair: Kristijan Civljak
    • Co-Chair: Elizabeth Terrazas-Carillo
    • Students: Kathleen Bush & Cassandra Bolding

  • Mentoriship Program Subcommittee
    • Chair: Ashley Randall
    • Co-Chair: Kate Poelker
    • Student: Adetutu Ajibose

2019 ECP Committee Goals:

  • Increase our social media presence and use social media and technology more effectively
  • Connect ECPs with more senior members of the Division to provide opportunities for mentorship and collaboration
  • Maintain a sense of connectedness and momentum for ECP-related activities throughout the year by hosting virtual social hours and microconventions.
  • Recognize the diversity in the types of work that ECPs do, as some are academics, others clinicians, others are primarily researchers and find meaningful ways to connect with ECPs about International Psychology from diverse careers.
  • Provide ECPs with tangible resources for engaging in International Psychology.

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