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The Florence L. Denmark and Mary E. Reuder Award for Outstanding International Contributions to the Psychology of Women and Gender award is named for two charter members of Division 52 who are known for their scholarly contributions, international outlook, and outstanding mentoring. The award’s purpose is to recognize and encourage outstanding psychologists who have made international contributions to further the understanding of women and/or gender. The outstanding contributions can be cross-cultural studies of women and gender, the mentoring of young colleagues across borders, the training of psychologists to do international work, or other areas deemed important by the Award Committee.

The Award

The award recipient will be recognized at the Division 52 Award Ceremony at the APA convention. 

Criteria for Eligibility

The recipient must be a psychologist with a demonstrated interest in international or cross-cultural psychology. Current membership in Division 52 is not a requirement. The Committee will make up to one award per year.

Submission Requirements and Procedure

Submission requirements are

  • a letter of nomination setting forth the most outstanding contributions of the candidate; or a statement of no more than 500 words indicating how the nominee meets the award criteria.
  • copy of the nominee's c.v.

Nominations must be made online here. Deadline April 15

Questions? Please Contact the Denmark-Reuder Award Chair, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Division 52 Denmark-Reuder Award Recipients

2019: No Awardee
2018:  Silvia Canetto, Ph.D.
2017: Deborah Best, Ph.D.
2016: Jeanne Marecek, Ph.D.
2015: Shelly Grabe, Ph.D.
2014: M. Brinton Lykes, Ph.D.
2013: Carolyn Zerbe Enns, Ph.D.
2012: Judith Gibbons, Ph.D.
2011: Joy K. Rice, Ph.D.
2010: Ramaswami Mahalingam, Ph.D.
2009: Kathryn Norsworthy, Ph.D.
2008: Ellyn Kaschak, Ph.D.
2007: Sharon Horne, Ph.D.
2006: Oliva M. Espin, Ph.D.
2005: Irene Hanson Frieze, Ph.D.
2004: Anne E. Brodsky, Ph.D.
2003: Joan C. Chrisler, Ph.D.