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International Psychology
** A Focus on Human Rights **
APA Convention, Chicago 2019

A sneak peak of upcoming programming:

  • Promoting the Well-being of LGBT Community in Different Countries:Think Globally and Act Locally
  • Decolonizing transnational border crossings: Transforming uncritical exportations of U.S. psychology
  • Doing No Harm: Psychologists Promoting Human Rights andHuman Dignity in the 21st Century
  • The Global Impact of War, Politics and Migration and Refugee Policies: The Role of Psychology
  • Addressing the Needs of International Students in Light of the Current Sociopolitical Climate.
  • Indigenizing Psychology: A Conversation with Caribbean-American Psychologists
  • Migrant perception and reception: Politics of fear or welcome?
  • International Counseling Trainees Experiences in Cross-Cultural relationships in Supervision.
  • Psychology in the Middle East Broadly Construed: Past, Present, and Future

Division 52 Program Chairs


Program Chair
Johanna Nilssen, PhD

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Suite Chair
Yvette Flores, PhD