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Chair: Jill Betz Bloom, PhD

Listserv: Div52ICFW (Division 52 International Committee for Women Forum - to subscribe, send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following in the body: Subscribe Div52ICFW)

The primary mission of the International Committee for Women (ICFW) is to identify substantive issues that affect the welfare of women globally and to recommend action to the Division. The committee will promote research, education, symposia, and projects that advance equality for women internationally and will encourage the awareness and infusion of gender equity issues throughout the activities of the division. The ICFW Chair shall be appointed bi-annually by the President upon recommendation of the members of the committee and the outgoing chair.

The goals of the International Committee for Women are:

  • Communication: The ICFW updates its members through annual meetings at APA, email announcements on its listserv, and articles in the divisional newsletter and website. ICFW has liaisons with other APA divisions and organizations who publicize ICFW activities, recruit membership. and promote collaborative efforts in their respective divisional newsletters or other venues. ICFW also shares internet resources with its membership and circulates lists of international websites on women in psychology.
  • Divisional Activity:  ICFW is an active voice for women within the Division through newsletter announcements, meetings, APA symposia and conversation hours, and the development, dissemination and adoption of a position statement that outlines guidelines for avoiding sexism and neo-colonialism involving international research on women.
  • Collaborative Research: ICFW promotes collaborative research and networking opportunities in international psychology of women and the dissemination and publicizing of research by ICFW members.
  • Advocacy: From time to time ICFW will cooperate and work with other APA divisions and with other organizations, both US based and internationally, to help support women in academia internationally and to further the advancement of women globally.

Early Career Psychologists and students are encouraged to join.