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Dear Colleagues –

There are great opportunities to be more involved with Division 52!!

A number of leadership positions in Division 52 have openings for volunteer chairs or interest leaders in the next year. The purpose of this note is to specify what those positions are and to ask for expressions of interest in being appointed to undertake them.

Positions and Position Descriptions

Chair Designee Archivist/Historian: Chair-Designee term to begin 1/1/2018, to assume chair role when John Hogan’s term ends at the end of 2018. Chair term is 1.1.2019-12/31/2020. Tasks: Archivist: maintain plan for sending relevant Division materials/artifacts to designated archival location; maintain historical records of Division activities and people.

Chair-Designee, International Committee for Women (Chair designee term to begin now, Chair term 1/1/2018-12/31/2019 Tasks: Convene committee (which primarily exists via a dedicated listserv) and explore activities and initiatives.

Chair Designee, Membership Committee (Term 3 months as designee; 2 years as Chair. Chair Term 1/1/2018-12/31/2019). Tasks: Working with the Membership Committee to develop membership recruitment and retention initiatives.

Interim Chair, Publications and Communications (position to begin immediately, term through 12/31/2018). Tasks: Coordinate publications committee consisting of Editors journal, newsletter, web; social media to develop consistent publishing policies and to promote active “branding” of Division publications and activities.

Division Federal Advocacy Coordinator (term to begin 1/1/2018): This person receives and forwards relevant advocacy updates from the APA public affairs office; provides input to Division 52 and APA on advocacy issues with international relevance; promotes an international perspective to APA advocacy efforts. Preferred: Division 52 member who lives in or near DC to facilitate attending relevant APA events. Appointee should be a clinician with a passion for advocacy.

Chair Denmark-Reuder Award Committee (appointment begins when designated). Tasks are to solicit and receive nominations for the award. Constitute a selection committee and report deliberations to the D52 Board for selection.

IPsyNet liaison: Term 2 years. The liaison is one of 4 governance liaisons that oversee the work of IPsyNet (see http://www.apa.org/ipsynet/), the LGBTI network across organizations internationally. Tasks are to read agenda materials; attend quarterly conference call meetings; provide input when asked, and report on IPsyNet activities to Division 52.

Division Alternate – Liaison to Social Justice Divisions. Term: 1 year as alternate, 2 years as Liaison. Tasks: monitor and contribute to listserv or other communication channels of this caucus and attend annual meeting of liaisons at convention. Requirements: interest in social justice issues and attendance at convention.

Coordinator, Heritage Mentoring Project (Special Interest Group): This project asks senior division members, students and ECPs to work together to publish biographies of the luminaries in our field. These articles appear in the International Psychology Bulletin (IPB). The student or ECP serves as primary author. Tasks include selecting biography subjects, coordinating authors and editor/mentors.

Please send an expression of interest for any of these positions to President-Elect Merry Bullock (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with D52 Positions in the subject line, and a sentence or two of your vision for the position and why you would like to chair it. Please send your expression of interest by 16 October 2017

In addition, if you have a specific interest group you would like to pursue and develop or believe Division 52 should develop, please send a note to me about that as well.

All the best,