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Presentation Title                                                   First Author Name
  • Transadaptation of Positive Education Instruments in Chinese and Spanish Contexts
Juan A. Valdivia Vazquez
  • A Qualitative Exploration of Parental Reactions to Racially Biased Events and Motivations to Discuss with Their Adolescent
McKenna Freeman
  • Risk Factors for Nonsuicidal Self-Injury (NSSI) Among Adolescents from Diverse Ethnocultural Groups
Sami Hamdan
  • Mental Health Among Self-Initiated Expatriates Living in South Korea: A Comparative Study
Krista A. Robbins
  • A Longitudinal Comparative Analysis on Korean First Year College Students’ Depression and Their Pre-College Experiences
Katie Koo
  • Users’ Perspectives of the Role of Lay Health Workers and Peers Providing Mental Health Care: Findings From Chile and Brazil
Yun-Hsin Liu
  • Impact of a One-Day Trauma Workshop for Community Stakeholders on Improving Understanding of Trauma and Reducing Stigma Towards Survivors in St. Lucia
Ifrah R. Majeed
  • Combining Anti-Psychotic Medications and Indigenous Healing Herbs in the Treatment of Ethnic Minorities With Schizophrenia
Alyssa Johnson
  • Enhancing Play Behaviours Through Eye to I© Intervention
Shivangi Khattar
  • Evidence of Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth in Conflict Displaced People in East Africa
Oscar W. Githua
  • Parents’ Marital Conflict and Young Adult Children’s Well-Being: Self-Differentiation as a Mediator
Myongsuk Yang
  • An International Perspective on Attitudes Toward People with Albinism
Jessica A. Neustater
  • Chinese Counselors’ Self-Care in Terms of Boundary Setting in Collectivistic Culture
Jian Lin
  • Psychological Interventions in Multicultural Contexts: Ten Years of Work in a Rural Urban Community in Guatemala
Sandra Luna
  • Barriers and Facilitators of Task-Sharing Interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Systematic Review
Evan L. Eschliman
  • Examining the Differences in Perceived Racial Discrimination Between International and Domestic People Using Race-Based Traumatic Stress Symptom Scale
Shao Yun Tai
  • When Communities Clash with Competencies: Community Psychology Training in the Arab World
Mona M. Amer
  • Beliefs About Sexual Assault in China
Xiaoxiao Dong
  • Suicide Beliefs and Attitudes of Chinese Adults
Megan M. Wong
  • Spiritual Coping Methods of Philippine Mental Health Workers: A Qualitative Study
Stacey A. Waters-Tozier
  • Ethnic and Racial Differences in Parental Reactions to Race Based Discussions
McKenna Freeman
  • Acculturative Stress, Culturally Relevant Coping, and Well-Being Among East Asian International Students
Lina Liw
  • Lost in Flames: Psychological Effects of the 1984 Genocide and Other Human Rights Abuses on Sikhs
Jasmin Mangat
  • The Structure of the Work Needs Satisfaction Scales Among Employed Adults in Portugal
Joaquim A. Ferreira
  • Post-Traumatic Growth Factor of College Student Experienced Interpersonal Trauma
Hyunji Kim
  • Protective Factors Related to the Parental Relationship on Adolescents’ Suicidal Behavior with a Puerto Rican Sample
Melissa Hernandez-Rodriguez
  • Absence of Equal Rights Laws Increases Female Migration Across Countries
Sakina Spears
  • Examination of Coping Profiles of Chinese College Students and Their Relations to Career and Well-Being
Qingyao Zhang
  • A Phenomenological Analysis of Forced Migrants’ Concealable Stigmatized Identity Negotiation
HangYi Chen
  • Religiosity of Postmigration Living Difficulties in a Sample of East African Refugees
LeAnne M. Zaire
  • Content Analysis of Counseling Psychology Research for North Korean Refugees
Junsung Oh
  • A Systematic Review: Current Landscape of Third Culture Kids Empirical Research
Esther Tan
  • The Relationship Between Interpersonal Trauma and Non-Suicidal Self-Injury(nssi) Among Adolescents in South Korea: A Sequential Mediation Analysis
Daseul Lee
  • Structural Equation Model of Driving Anger and Anxiety-Based Performance Deficits in Puerto Rico
José A. Maldonado-Martínez
  • The Effects of ISIS on Minority Populations in Iraq
Kyle A. Msall
  • The National Psychological Trauma Intervention for the 14 Riverside Complex Terror Attack in Nairobi, Kenya
Oscar W. Githua
  • A Qualitative Exploration of the Relationship Between Functioning and Mental Health in Chiapas, Mexico
Sarah J. Hartman
  • The State of International Journal Topics Across Professions: A 14-Year Review
Daniel Balva
  • How Is the Pursuit for Meaning in Life Related to Recovery of People with Severe Mental Illness in South Korea?
Ye In Kim
  • Stress Coping and Well-Being of First-Generation Lithuanian Immigrants: Mediating Role of Hope and Grit
Vaida Kurseviciene
  • The Effect of College Student’s Balance of Basic Psychological Needs and Level of Stress on Gaming Behavior
Uihyeok Cho
  • Hope, Depression, and Trauma in Rwandan Youth
Anthony Scioli
  • International Counseling Psychology Trainees’ Perspective on Helpful and Hindering Supervisory Events
Yunkyoung Garrison
  • The A4 Challenge: An Indigenous Expression of the Thin Appearance Ideal From Chinese Social Media
Todd Jackson
  • Immigrant Survivors of Torture: Pre- and Post-Migration Coping Approaches
Vanessa K. Ma
  • Supervising International Student Trainees: What Psychology Supervisors Need to Know
Ana M. Hill
  • Listening for Bridges: A Transcultural, Transdiagnostic Approach to Psychotherapy in Bhutan
Anne Tietjen
  • Growth-and Positive-Related Factors Mediating Acculturative Stress and Psychological Well-Being
Shuyi Liu
  • African Immigrants’ “imported Trauma”: Healing Through Community Connections and Spirituality
Uche Onyekwelu
  • Inclusive Language in Psychology: The Letter U as Alternative for All Gender Identities in Spanish
Carol Y. Irizarry-Robles
  • Displacement, Trauma, Grief, Coping, and Adaptation Among Syrian Refugees in Lebanon
Naji Abi-Hashem
  • Improving Support for Mental Health Interpreters
Emme Paik
  • Psychological Effects of Family Separation and Propaganda-Based Education on Uyghur Muslims
Lilia Hachim
  • Stress and Loneliness Among International Students
Ruth C. Chao
  • International Students’ Attachment, Uncertainty Intolerance, Acculturative Stress, and Psychological
Peter Gu
  • International Research: Tricks of the Trade
Stephanie G. Richarde
  • Creativity and Biculturalism of International Students
Esther Tan
  • On the Learning Experiences in Practice of Japanese Graduate Programs to Train Psychologist
Mari Yoshikawa
  • An Analysis Into Categories of Career Purpose in Taiwanese Adolescents
Chen Yu Wang
  • Heritability and Overlap of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders and Illness Anxiety Disorder: Findings From a Twin Study
Usha Barahmand
  • Relationship Between Microaggression, Within-Race Discrimination, and Mental Health Outcomes Among Malaysian Chinese College Students
Sing Kiat Ting
  • Comparison of Korea and the United States in the Relationship Between CDMP and Career Decision-Making Difficulty
Yunkyung Au
  • The Effects of Discrimination on the Mental Health of the Christians in Egypt
Ibrahim Kira
  • Internet Interventions in the Indian Context
Siri Vivek
  • Collective Identities of Koreans from the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s
Greg M. Kim-Ju
  • Identification with Heritage and Mainstream Cultures Influence Factors of Flourishing
Amy W.Y. Tran
  • A Computerized Personality Scale for Teachers: Development and Validation
Tzu-Yang Chao
  • Violence in Review: Femicide in Central America
Holly Skillman-Dougherty
  • Migration with Dignity: Impact of Environmental and Socio-Political Change on Migration and Identity
Breeda McGrath
  • Can the Presence of Heritage Language in the Home Impact Adolescent Immigrant Family Relationships?
Marisol L. Meyer
  • Recognizing, Understanding, and Treating Mental Illness Stigma Across Global Cultures
Andrea B. Vassilev
  • Public Safety of Indian Women: What Is Happening and What Needs to Be Done?
Aashna Banerjee