Become a Division 52 Fellow

Dear Colleagues:

We invite you to nominate yourselves or your colleagues to become a Division 52 Fellow. Election as a fellow of Division 52 is for current members who have made an “unusual and outstanding contribution” to international psychology. You can find a list of Division 52 Fellows here: List of Current Fellows

Deadline for All Fellow Applications:

All completed materials must be submitted to the chair via email ( by October 18, 2021.

Initial Fellow of APA through Division 52:

Initial Fellows applications must include:

  • Nominee’s Vita
  • 2-page personal statement addressing Fellow Criteria (see below)
  • Endorsements from 3 current APA Fellows. At least 2 of the 3 endorsers must be a Fellow of Division 52.

The materials will be carefully reviewed, voted on and, if found satisfactory, sent to the APA Fellows Committee.

*** Before subitting materials, applicants for Initial Fellow status are strongly encouraged to contact the Fellows Committee Chair to discuss the applicant’s eligibility for Fellow status.***

APA New Fellow Minimum Requirements are:

  • Five (5) years of acceptable professional experience beyond receipt of the doctoral degree based in part on a psychological dissertation.
  • Prior status as an APA member for at least one year, current paid membership, and nomination by a division to which the member belongs.
  • Active engagement in the advancement of (inter)national psychology.
  • Evidence of unusual and outstanding contributions that have had a national or international impact. (The impact criteria is key and the applicant’s nomination and the endorsers need to document specific, demonstrated or measurable outcomes on and changes to the field of international psychology.)

Applications for New Fellow status require letters of endorsement from three current Division 52 Fellows in addition to a detailed statement indicating how, specifically, the applicant meets both the APA and Div 52 Fellow criteria and completion of other information as required in the application platform. Please visit the APA Fellows web page for more information and to access the online system.  For potential endorsers, a current list of the Division 52 Fellows can be found here: List of Fellows of the Division of International Psychology

Current Fellows of APA

Current Fellows of APA:  APA fellows who have already become Fellows through other Divisions may apply for Division 52 Fellow status by sending a current CV,  a 2-page personal statement addressing the criteria for fellow status Division 52and a list of three endorsers.  No letters of support from these endorsers is needed. Deadline is October 18, 2021