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Dear Division 52 Student Members,

I am honoured to serve as the current Student Chair for Division 52. I look forward to continuing to support student interests across Division 52, APA, and internationally.

Division 52 has a strong history of student engagement in professional service both in the United States and globally. I look forward to the opportunity to continue working together in these endeavours as well as new opportunities as they arise. Please reach out with any questions or suggestions that you may have.

Erinn C. Cameron

Meet the Elected Division 52 Student Leadership

Erinn Cameron

2022 Student Chair and Representative to the Division 52 Board of Directors
Erinn Cameron is a first-generation university student and a 4th-year doctoral candidate in clinical psychology with specializations in social justice and neuropsychology at Fielding Graduate University. She will complete her clinical internship at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center 2022-2023. Currently, she lives on an island in the Salish Sea, where she enjoys eco-living, making music, cooking, and gardening with her family. Having lived in several countries and participated in academic and humanitarian work across the globe, Erinn brings a wealth of international, cultural, and life experience to her work. Her ongoing research and clinical work focus on human rights, gender inequality, human trafficking/modern slavery, women’s health, and climate change. In addition to her work with the APA Division 52 board, Erinn is a board member of the International Council of Psychologists and adjunct faculty at Seattle Pacific University. She is also co-chair of the Division 52 International Scientific Cross Cultural Research Committee and is a member of the Division 52 International Environmental Justice Committee.

Aldo Barrita

2022 Student Chair-Elect

Aldo Barrita is a queer Latinx doctoral student in his 3rd year at the Psychological and Brain Sciences Ph.D. Program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). He was born in Mexico and migrated to the US when he was 16. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley in 2017 with high honors. He received his Masters’s in Psychology at UNLV in 2021. His research focus includes how different forms of discrimination, primarily microaggressions, psychologically impact individuals from marginalized communities. Specifically, he has a special interest in Latinx and/or LGBTQ+ experiences with microaggressions as well as psychometrics. Aldo Barrita currently serves as 2022 Student Representative for the National Latinx Psychology Association (NLPA) and Student Chair-Elect for APA Division 52. He has received recognitions such as the NLPA President citation, NLPA Distinguished Student Award, and Division 52 Anastasi Graduate Student Research Award for his scholarship, leadership, and service.

Daniel Balva

2022 Student Past Chair 
Daniel Balva (he/him/his) is a 4th year Counseling Psychology doctoral candidate at the University of Georgia who is currently completing his internship at the VA Pacific Islands Healthcare System in Honolulu, Hawai’i. He has a strong passion for global mental health, multiculturalism and international social justice concerns, juvenile justice, and disability awareness— all of which form the basis of his research interests, leadership involvement in various organizations, and international collaborations and engagement.

Upcoming Division 52 Student Events

Planning for the APA Convention – 

Meeting time to be announced.

Please email Erinn at ecameron@email.fielding.edu for the Zoom link!

Get Involved

Please let us know if you are interested in joining any of the following Division 52 Committees or Special Interest Groups:

  • Advocacy Committee
  • Awards Committee
  • Convention and Programming Committee
  • Curriculum & Training Committee
  • Early Career Professional (ECP) Committee
  • Immigration and Refugees Special Interest Group
  • International Committee for Cross Cultural Research
  • International Committee for Women
  • International Environmental Justice Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Newsletter/International Psychology Bulletin Committee
  • Science Committee
  • Student Committee
  • Webinar Committee
  • Website and Social Media Committee

We also welcome students to join the Division 52 Student Committee. A list of current student initiatives can be found below. If you are interested in becoming more involved with Division 52, please email Erinn Cameron at ecameron@email.fielding.edu.

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APA Division 52 Student Awards

Please consider applying for one of the following Division 52 student awards:

International-Related Funding Opportunities for Students

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Current Division 52 Student Initiatives

Recruitment and Retention

Our hope for this year and subsequent years is to make Division 52 a place of professional collaboration and belonging for students across the globe. As we do so, recruitment and retention efforts are important for us to ensure that every student is warmly welcomed into our division and feels a sense of belonging. We are currently offering 10-free Division 52 Student Membership Needs-Based Scholarships for International Students both within and outside the U.S.!

Programming and Networking

Student programming within the Division continues to highlight cross-cultural collaborations with fellow APA divisions and international organizations/ associations so that we can provide students with comprehensive global programming and opportunities to connect with peers in different regions of the world.

Student Webinar and Dine and Discuss Recordings – 2021 follow this link to access the archived Student Webinar Series and Dine and Discuss recordings from 2021.

International Research Database

In 2021, the Student Committee developed an International Research Database, which is a collection of the names of various online research databases located in different countries across the globe. Our goal was to highlight the utility of using these databases when designing and conducting cross-cultural research studies, rather than solely relying on research databases in the United States. We hope these resources will provide individuals with greater access and insight into important global databases with the goal of facilitating further internationalization in the field of psychology.

The below flyer includes the names and links to a collection of global databases, as well as a direct link to a Google Form (https://bit.ly/3ppwfdA) that anyone can edit. If you know of databases that are not included in this resource, please feel free to add the information to the Google Form. We are greatly appreciative of every individual who contributed to this project.

Current Student Committee Members

(Not pictured: Gunjan Bansal, Megan Hall, Stylianos Syropoulos, and Guolin Zhang)

Aashna Banerjee (she/her) is pursuing her Ph.D. in counseling psychology at Ball State University in Indiana. Originally from India, Aashna currently serves on the student committee for Division 52, the newsletter team for Division 48, and is the student member for Section for Advancement of Women in Division 17. Aashna’s clinical work strives towards the liberation and empowerment of diverse clientele. Additionally, her research focuses on the intersection between international psychology, counseling psychology, and peace psychology. Currently, she is developing her dissertation and hopes to use positive psychology principles to reduce sexual violence amongst women in India.

Emily Lutringer is a Ph.D. candidate in International Psychology, Trauma specialization at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She is also a licensed counselor and registered play therapist and co-founded a transformational anti-racism organization. Her primary research interests are in decolonial and indigenous psychologies, and issues pertaining to refugees and youth. She hopes for a career in developing international study abroad experiences that develop deep cultural competencies and address social justice issues.

Kat Becker is a Ph.D. student in the Counseling Psychology program at the University of Denver and a Graduate Research Assistant through Morgridge College of Education. Clinically, Kat finds great meaning in providing LGBTQIA+ affirming care with an intersectional approach and working with clients experiencing concerns around addiction, trauma, chronic health conditions, and grief and loss. Kat takes an Existential approach to psychotherapy, which overlaps with their research interests. Kat hopes to practice, live, and grow while embracing international approaches to psychology.

Stephanie Elizabeth Beckman

Stephanie Elizabeth Beckman is a Ph.D. student in International Psychology with a concentration in Organizations and Systems at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. They are the 2021 recipient of the Jean Lau Chin Award for Outstanding Graduate Student in International Leadership Contributions from APA Division 52, International Psychology. They serve as the Director for Student and Early Career Membership in APA Division 48, Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict and Violence. They work at Madison College in Madison, WI, USA as Full-time Faculty (English/ Business Communications), Equity & Inclusion Co-chair, and International Academic Fellow. Stephanie’s research examines organizational contributions to individual and community peace and healing in Bogotá, Colombia.

Ana Hill

Ana Hill, M.A. (she/her/ella) is a doctoral candidate in the Counseling Psychology program at the University of Georgia. She is currently in her fourth year of the program and will soon begin an APA-accredited Health Services Psychology internship in August 2021. Ana’s research interests are related to cross-cultural topics such as ethnic identity development, language and culture, bicultural and multiculturalism, Latinx self-categorization theories, clinical supervision, cross-cultural mentorship, and the globalization of clinical mental health services worldwide. For fun, Ana enjoys running outside, playing sports, hiking, reading, and loving on her two cats.

Rita M. Rivera, M.S.

Rita M. Rivera, MS, CTP, is pursuing a Psy.D. in clinical psychology at Albizu University in Florida. She is past Chair of the Florida Psychological Association of Graduate Students (FPAGS) and Chair of the Higher Education working group of the APA’s Interdivisional COVID-19 Taskforce. She is a writer for APA’s Society of Counseling Psychology-SCP Connect Team and her Psychology Today blog, “Physio & Psych.” Her areas of interest include fields that explore the relationship between physiology and mental health, particularly among minority and underserved populations. Rita has clinical experience working with Hispanic/Latinx patients and high-risk populations both in the United States and in her home country, Honduras.

Mengqing Shang is a first-year doctoral student in Counseling Psychology at Ball State University. She is interested in the indigenization of psychotherapy, Buddhism, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Before entering the counseling field, Mengqing was in a MA/Ph.D. program in cultural anthropology, where she focused on psychological and medical anthropology and researched the indigenization of psychotherapy in contemporary China.

Neha Srinivas (she/her/hers) is pursuing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Originally from India, Neha’s clinical work includes working with marginalized populations and specializing in trauma work with adolescents and young adults. As a member of FDU’s Stigma and Trauma Mental Health lab, her research interests are within the field of global mental health and specifically focus on cultural variations in psychopathology and how stigma affects the risk, prevention, and intervention of psychological disorders. Neha is currently a member of the Division 52 Student Committee, the Global Student Psychology Committee, the American Association of Suicidology, and the Global Psychosocial Network.

Hayoung Kim is a Ph.D. student in Counseling Psychology and Applied Human Development at Boston University. Hayoung’s previous articles and current works focus on suicide, social support, and future-readiness of adolescents and emerging adults with a cross-cultural approach. She is also particularly passionate about applying quantitative methods (machine learning, multi-level approach, longitudinal analysis) to advocate for and support youth at risk.

Janine M. Ray is a 2nd-year doctoral student in clinical psychology at Fielding Graduate University. She is a clinical counsellor and art therapist in private practice in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Janine’s clinical work and research focus on women and her dissertation research addresses transgender youth and their experiences. She is primarily interested in supporting gender diversity, sexual-preference minorities, borderline disorder, and minority stress.

Division 52 Student Committee 2021 Year-In-Review

With 2022 marking Division 52’s 25th Anniversary, we invite you to celebrate the wonderful accomplishments of our Student Committee throughout the 2021 year via our 2021 Year-In-Review Newsletter.