Division 52 Suite Program – August 2021 Convention

Dear colleagues,
The theme for the APA Division 52 (International Psychology) Virtual Suite programming this year was Global Psychology. 

2021 Recorded Suite Programs:

  • Division Business: Business Meeting, Award and Fellows Talks, Past Presidents’ Panel, President’s Address
  • Other Programs
    • Panel Discussion, Round Tables
    • Lightning Talks
    • Family Symposium
    • Student Led Programming – Symposia, Panels, Networking

Division Business, Awards, Talks

D52 Presidential Address: The Irony Serving as Division 52 President: Grounded at Home

Description: The past 30 years I have travelled the world multiple times each year. Could never get enough to fill my “cultural” appetite, curiosity, desire to spend time with old friends and develop new relationships and enter the unknown. Like many, since December 2019, I’ve been hunkered down in my house in Fishers, Indiana. Lots of trips in the USA and elsewhere were cancelled. The only world I explored was Zoom world! While fulfilling in an odd way, it also has been bizarre. What an irony to serve as the President of APA’s International Psychology Division and be grounded at home! I reflect on this reality and its implications for the further advancement of the globalization of psychology.

Presenter: Lawrence Gerstein, PhD

Past Presidents Panel

Description: Five Past Presidents of Division 52 (Florence Denmark, Senel Poyrazli, Mercedes McCormick, Nancy Sidun, and Harold Takoosh) will very briefly discuss their lessons learned as Presidents, tips on how to become leaders in Division 52, and their views on the globalization of psychology. A brief history of Division 52 will be shared as well. This will be followed by a conversation between the Presidents and the program participants.

Chair: Lawrence Gerstein, PhD

Presenters (Year D52 President)
Florence Denmark, PhD (1999)
Senel Poyrazli, PhD (2014)
Mercedes McCormick, PhD (2013)
Nancy Sidun, PhD (2019)
Harold Takooshian, PhD (2003)

Division 52 Annual Business Meeting

Description: Brief reports on the activities of the Division will be presented by the Division Board Members. This year’s Division award recipients will be announced and honored as well. This is an open meeting. Questions and comments are welcomed from the attendees.

Chair: Lawrence Gerstein, PhD (President, Division 52)

Fellows Talks

Description of the Program: GLO Abroad: The cultivation of global learning and  perspectives

Presenters: Dr. Lynette Bikos

Moderator: Stefania Ægisdóttir, PhD (Chair, Division 52 Fellows Committee)

Division 52 Awards

Description: Recipients of the following awards will share very brief remarks: Denmark Reader Award; Outstanding International Psychologist Awards; Outstanding ECP Award; Henry David International Mentoring Award; Jean Lau Chin Awards for Outstanding International Leadership; Student International Award; Anastasia Graduate Student Research Awards

Host: Brigitte Khoury, PhD (Past President, Division 52, Awards Chair)

ECP Awards Hour

Description: Join us for a Night at the Oscars where we honor our two ECP award winners, discuss “How Did You Get That Job?,” and have time for social engagement and networking.

Host(s): Antonio Valdivia, Lora Erickso & Cristina Cruza-Guet
Presenters: ECP Award Winners

Ursula Gielen Book Award winner 2021

Description : The Cambridge Handbook of Psychology and Human Rights

Chair(s): Laura Egan, Ph.D.
Presenters: Neal Rubin and Roseanne Flores

Panels – RoundTables

Panel: Dissent and Human Rights

Description of the Program: The climate and the pandemic emergency are emerging also as problems of democracy. Neoliberalism seems to be killing diversity and dissent, favouring an aggressive approach to the silencing of oppressed voices. A single form of competition-based idea of democracy is leading to the spread of the so-called “authoritarian democracies” around the globe, which often coincide with the most environmental aggressive policies in support of neoliberal monocultural exploitation of the soil. How does international psychology deals with dissent? What is the role of psychology in cultivating anthropodiversity and psychodiversity within the human rights movement? How can we preserve many forms of local democracy, such as those of the original nations?

Moderator(s): Luca Tateo and Pina Marsico

Sarah Awad, Aalborg University, Denmark
Manuel Llorens, clinical and community psychologist, Venezuela
Kevin R. Carriere, Washington & Jefferson College, USA
Thalia Magioglu, University of Westminster, UK

Panel: From Hoffman to Hope: A Discussion of the Promise of the APA Resolution on Human Rights to Transform the Organization

Description of the Program: Across countries and cultures, there is a history of psychologists failing to honor the ethical imperative “to do no harm.”  Findings from the Hoffman Report set in motion efforts to “right the moral compass of the APA.”  Passed in February, 2021, the APA Resolution on Human Rights holds the promise to set a new disciplinary and organizational foundation.  However, barriers remain and there is no roadmap for success. We will examine reasons for and impediments to hopes for change.

Chair(s): Neal Rubin, PhD, ABPP, Adler University
Panelists: Neal S. Rubin, PhD, ABPP, Adler University , Erinn C. Cameron, M.A., Fielding Graduate University, Div. 52 Student Chair Elect,  Roseanne L. Flores, PhD, Roosevelt House Human Rights Program, Hunter College, CUNY, Gabriel Velez, PhDMarquette University

Panel: Climate Emergency and Psychology

Description: The emergency of climate change is becoming clearly an ecological sociological and psychological issue that must be faced considering a systemic perspective. Ecopsychology and decolonizing perspective show how the way we relate to the rest of the planetary ecosystem is also a matter of social justice which involves the rights of all the human and non-human communities. In this panel, the experiences of original communities from Australia, India and Latin America will be discussed in relation to the promotion of psychological well-being and the ecological grief.

Chairs: Luca Tateo & Pina Marsico 

Paul Rhodes, Sydney University, Australia
Antony Palackal, Kerala University, India
Gonzalo Bacigalupe, University of Massachusetts, USA 

Global Psychology: Lightning Talks

Description of the Program: Join us for a series of 5-minute lightning talks followed by a 10-minute Q & A. Presenters are joining us from across the globe to share their work on topics of global psychology. This is an inclusive program that does not require presenters to have APA or Division 52 membership or conference registration.

Juan Giralso-Huertas Universidad de la Sabana, Colombia
Lana Madsen, Counselling Psychology Centre, Bourgas, Bulgaria
Giovana F. Leite, Pontifical Catholic University of Goiás
Pius Nyutu. Ph.D. Fayetteville State University
Thea O’Brien, Seattle Pacific University
Jueyen Su, Kyoto University
Xifan Wu, Lesley University
Shaina Townsend, Fielding Graduate University
Sheele-Anne Thaw, The University of the West Indies
Arline L. Bronzaft, Ph.D., Professor Emerita, CUNY
Naveen Grover, PhD, Department of Clinical Psychology, Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences, Delhi, India
Alessandra Pereira Rulli Qurrat-ul-ain, Department of Psychology, Pakistan Sports Board, Islamabad
Rongfang Zhang, University of North Texas

Moderator: Emily Lutringer, M.A., Doctoral Candidate, Chicago School of Psychology

Symposium- Friends and Family: Perspectives on Immigration to Canada

Description: The focus of this symposium is on immigrants and refugees who have settled in Canada.  Presenters are members of the Immigrant Youth Research Group at the University of Windsor. Findings from four separate studies conducted by this team of researchers will be presented followed by a discussion which will focus on how these various approaches and methods may be applicable in other regions globally.

Riham Al- Saadi – “First Generation Arab Immigrant Emerging Adults: Acculturation and Equitable Participation”
Sara Keshavarzi – “Socializing Agents and Ethnic Identity Development Among Syrian Refugee Youth”
Jenna Thompson– “Parent and Friend Influence on Romantic Relationships in Immigrant Youth”
Clare Hinch – “Friendships in Immigrant Youth: Focus on Research Methods” 

Chair(s): Julie Hakim Larson, Roseanne Menna

Bringing Psychology to the World: UN Psychology Day

Description of the Program:
Psychology plays a role at the UN, and through the UN to the world. APA, ICP and IAAP are some of the psychological associations that have NGO status at the UN. This status allows us to bring the science and best practices of Psychology to the deliberations of the 193 Member countries at the UN as they focus on improving the lives of people globally through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This suite program will describe one of the major joint efforts of Psychology NGOs at the UN.  In our presentation we will provide a brief history of Psychology Day at the UN, and a summary of Psychology Day 2021.

Walter Reichman, Ed.D., Baruch College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York; Partner of OrgVitality; IAAP Representative to the United Nations
Janet A. Sigal, Ph.D. Fairleigh Dickinson University; International Council of Psychologists Representative to the United Nations
Comfort B. Asanbe, Ph.D. College of Staten Island, City University of New York; APA Representative to the United Nations. 

No Recording Available

Chair: Dr. Janet Sigal

COVID-19 and Psychology: Reflections from Around the Globe

Description of the Program: Participants attending this forum will discuss, in part, professional, cultural, and societal current challenges related to COVID-19. They also will share lessons learned. This program will be hosted by the Division 52 COVID-19 Taskforce.

Luca Tateo, PhD, Giuseppina Marsico, PhD, Deborah Stiles, PhD, Lemny Perez, PsyD, Elizabeth Carll, PhD, Joyce Y. Green, PhD, H. Russell Searight, PhD, Kelly ODonnell, PsyD, Richa Rajendra Khanna, PhD

No Recording Available

Chair(s): Lawrence Gerstein, PhD and Falu Rami, PhD

Student-Led Programs

Internationalizing and Decolonizing Psychology


Co-hosted APA DIvision 52 Student Committee, APA Division 17 (Society of Counseling Psychology) International Section & the Interamerican Society of Psychology’s (SIP) Student Work Group.

  • Mentoring as a formative practice for psychology students to reduce dropouts and strengthen internationalization
  • Students Associations as an essential pillar for the development of International Psychology
  • The role of the teacher and/or mentor in the professional development of the psychology student
  • Online psychotherapy and the consultant’s perception about efficacy and therapeutic alliance

Sailem Bolaño Carpio, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Colombia), Ana Lorena Flores Camacho, Universidad de las Américas Puebla (Mexico), Julio Andrés Gómez Henao, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Colombia),  Gabriel L. Medianero Araúz, Universidad de Panamá (Panamá), Daniel Balva, M.S., NCC, CRC, University of Georgia (United States), Rita M. Rivera, MS, CTP, Albizu University (United States/Honduras), Maria F. Echeverri, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Colombia), José G. Ramírez, B.S., Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Colombia), Juan Camilo Arboleda Sanchez, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Colombia), Laura Gaviria Restrepo, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Colombia)

Chair(s): Daniel Balva, Sathya Baanu Jeevanba, NaYeon Yang, Lisseth London, and Julio Andrés Gómez

Internationalizing and Decolonizing Psychology

Description of the Program:
Please join us for this student-led programming, co-hosted by the APA Division 17’s (Society of Counseling Psychology) International Section will highlight research symposia. This session will focus on internationalizing and decolonizing psychology. We will hear student perspectives from the United States, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Malaysia, and South Korea. Presentations include, “Acknowledging cultural and social contexts in studying shame experienced by Pakistani immigrants,” “PhD Students and their learning experience: A World-Wide Problem in Higher Education,” “An update in the gender gap in psychological research and some experiences coping with it,” “The Impact of Mentorship while Pursuing a Graduate Education.”

Fanie Collardeau, M.SC., University of Victoria (Canada), Dr. Erica Woodin, PhD, University of Victoria (Canada), Diana Maria Correa Mejia, Pontifical Bolivarian University (Colombia), Ana Maria Acevedo Serna, Psychologist, Pontifical Bolivarian University (Colombia), Francisca Droguett, Universidad de Chile (Chile), Camila Vásquez, Universidad de Chile (Chile), Ms. Pilar Herrera-Aroca, Universidad de Chile (Chile, Mr. Felipe Varas-Pizarro, Universidad de Chile (Chile) , Mr. Jorge Fuentealba-Valdés, Universidad de Chile (Chile), Sathya Baanu Jeevanba, M.A, University of Missouri-Kansas City (Malaysa), NaYeon Yang, M. Ed, University of Maryland – College Park (South Korea), Denise Carballea, M.S., CBIS, Albizu University (USA)

Chair(s): Daniel Balva, Sathya Baanu, NaYeon Yang, and Lisseth London

COVID-19 Student Presentations

Co-hosted by APA Division 52 Student Committee & APA Division 17 (Society of Counseling Psychology) International Section.

Research Perspectives from the United States, Honduras, Hong Kong, and India

  • COVID-19 and AAPI Hate
  • The turbulence of COVID-19 made us stronger: Sublimating turmoil and uncertainty to flow experience in innovative simulation research program for healthcare professionals
  • Prevalence of Anxiety Among Undergraduate Students During Covid-19 in India

Aldo Barrita, M.A., University of Nevada, Las Vegas (USA), Gloria Wong-Padoongpatt, PhD, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (USA), Victor K.-L. CHEUNG, BSocSc (Hons), PGDip, MSc, MBPsS, BPS RQTU (Occupational: Ability, Personality, Euro-test), The Department of Neuroscience, Psychology & Behaviour, University of Leicester, UK (Hong Kong SAR), Rita M. Rivera, MS, CTP, Albizu University (United States/Honduras), Ms. Brenda J Fernando, University of Mumbai (India), Alifiya Suterwala, University of Mumbai (India)

Chair(s): Daniel Balva, Sathya Baanu Jeevanba, NaYeon Yang, and Aldo Barrita

COVID-19 Student Presentations

Description of the Program:
Join us for this student-led programming, co-hosted by the APA Division 17’s (Society of Counseling Psychology) International Section and the Interamerican Society of Psychology’s (SIP) Student Work Group. This session will highlight research symposia focused on COVID-19 and lessons learned thus far from the global pandemic. We will hear student perspectives from Colombia. Presentations include, “Pandemic and Social Control: Governmental, journalistic and health discourses on COVID-19 in Colombia.”

Valentina García Gómez, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Colombia), Valentina Aguirre Ramírez, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Colombia)

Chair(s): Daniel Balva, Sathya Baanu, NaYeon Yang, Rita Rivera, and Julio Andrés Gómez Henao

International Psychology Leadership Panel Discussion

Co-hosted by APA Div52 Student Committee and APA Div17 (Society of Counseling Psychology) International Section and the Interamerican Society of Psychology’s (SIP) Student Work Group. This session offers a diverse array of perspectives on leadership from well-respected leaders of international psychological associations in each region of the world, and provides a wealth of information surrounding advances in international psychology and recommendations for those wanting to be more involved in global leadership.

Dr. Larry Gerstein (Division 52 President)
Dr. Carlos Zalaquett (President of Inter-American Society of Psychology)
Mrs. Nicola Gale (Vice President of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations)
Ms Tamara Cavenett (President of Australian Psychological Association)
Dr. Tjut Rifameutia (Past-President of Asian Psychological Association)
Dr. Saths Cooper (President of Pan-African Psychology Union)
Dr. Brigitte Khoury (Vice-President of the Arab Union for Psychological Science)
Dr. Katija Khan (President Elect of Caribbean Alliance of National Psychological Associations)

Chair(s): Daniel Balva, Sathya Baanu Jeevanba, NaYeon Yang, and Julio Andrés Gómez

Global Student Networking Event

Description: This student programming, co-hosted by the APA Division 52’s (International Psychology) Student Committee and Global Student Committee, Division 17’s (Society of Counseling Psychology) International Section, and the Interamerican Society of Psychology’s (SIP) Student Work Group will bring together students from around the world for an opportunity to network, connect, and engage with one another in fruitful discussions about psychology from different international perspectives.

Chair(s): Daniel Balva, Sathya Baanu Jeevanba, NaYeon Yang, Julio Andrés Gómez, Lisseth London, Aldo Barrita, and Rita River

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