Division 52 Webinars are hour long informational and skill building sessions. They are open to the public. There is an opportunity for discussion with the presenter.

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2021 Webinars

Providing Culturally Sensitive Support to Afghan Children and Adults
Rosalind Ghafar Rogers, moderated by Elizabeth Carll with Brigitte Khoury as discussant

Reflections from Former International Students: Important Considerations for Our Profession and Training Programs
Richa Khanna, Sonią Dhaliwal, See-Hong Choi, Dinah Anya

International Psychology: Students at the United Nations

Rita Rivera, Ani Kalayjian, Nadine Clopton, Elaine Congress, Irina Novikova, Shenae Osborn, Judy Kurians

International Experiences, Fellowhips, Funding: Perspectives from Switzerland,  Indonesia, Haiti, Rwanda and Tanzania

Student Resources in International Psychology

Unfolding the Concept of Psychological Collective Trauma: The Case of Palestine

Samah Jabr and Sabrina Russo

Climate Change Mitigation as “Green Colonialism”: How Can Psychology Learn from Indigenous Communities’ Experience, Meaning Making and Critique?

Susanne Norman

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