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  • Welcome New Division 52 Fellows!

    • Laura Dryjanska, PhD
    • Richard Miller, PhD
    • Martha Zlokovich, PhD
  • Division 52 Announces 2023 Award Recipients

    • Outstanding International Psychologists: Danny Wedding (USA) / Rolando Diaz-Loving (Outside USA)
    • Outstanding Early Career Psychologists: Ted Bartholomew (USA) / Miguel Basto Pereira (Outside USA)
    • Henry David International Mentoring Award: Neal Rubin
    • Jean Lau Chin Leadership Award: Oksana Yakushko, Ronald Rohner (Outstanding Psychologists) / Rita Rivera (Outstanding Student)
    • Anastasi Graduate Student Research Award: Charlotte Aelick / Polina Beloborodova
    • International Student Research Award: Faigy Mandelbaum / Jin Yang
  • Division 52 Elects New Officers

Terms begin January, 2024

  • President-Elect – Martha Zlokovich
  • Treasurer – Scarlett Choi
  • ECP Chair Elect – Erinn Cameron
  • Student Chair Elect – Olivia Mounet

Thanks to all colleagues who ran in this election – 

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Advocacy Committee


Debbie Stiles, Jessica Walsh

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash


Lena Verdeli

International Environmental Justice Committee (IEJC)

Goal: fostering international psychology debate on the environmental justice and challenges that humankind is likely to face in the next and remote future, having an impact on human individual and collective.

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Interest Group: Immigration

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Committee on Latin American Affairs (Task Force)

Co-Chairs: Cristina Cruza-Guet; Juan Antonio Valdivia

Scientific Committee for Cross-Cultural Research

Goals: advancing and promoting high-quality and inclusive research with indigenous, cultural, cross-national, and cross-cultural samples. The committee is a consulting and educational base for researchers interested in such topics related to international and cross-cultural research.
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Webinar Series

Division 52 Offers informative, timely, hour-long webinars on topics relevant to international psychology. Webinars are open to all.  UPCOMING WEBINARS – register here
Webinar Committee Co-Chairs: 
Pina Marsico, :Luca Tateo
Student Webinar Subcommittee Co-Chairs: Daniel Balva, Erinn Cameron, Aldo Barrita

International Committee for Women (ICfW) – Division 52 Standing Committee

The primary mission of the International Committee for Women (ICfW) is to identify substantive issues that affect the welfare of women globally and to recommend action to the Division.  Read More

Chair: Shaifali Sandhya, Ph.D.